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Rochak Kahaniyan Rochak Kahaniyan: Interesting Short Stories for Children (Hindi) By Editorial Board

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This book Interesting Tales for Children makes a strong case that well-chosen stories give children good role models and increase their empathy for others. It doesn't just hand children simplistic moral precepts, but give them the opportunity to think about and discuss moral choices.
Interesting Tales for Children is a compilation of 50 one-page short stories for children. Language used is elementary and simple. Each story comes with a caricature type illustration in black & white to retain interest of young readers. The moral at the end of the story summaries precisely what the child is supposed to learn!
These stories educate children about a family, tradition, ethos, social mores or share cultural insight or a combination of all these. Thoughtful stories not only provide enjoyment, they also shape and influence lives of children.
We have published following books in this series:
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These books don�t offer theoretical moral values or claim to preach to children. They show the way!!