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Quiz Value Pack For School Students

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Quizzes help sharpen your brain skills.....Brain teasers, riddles and mathematical puzzles to sharpen your calculating power. Each of the five books contains questions to keep the "gray cells" active and provides answers these inquisitive questions from science, business, politics, sports, films, economics, arts and other fields. Quizzes provide entertainment, improve knowledge and assist a person accept challenges, which ultimately is very good psychologically. This set of 5 books has been bound together in a convenient pack and offered to readers at an attractive discount. The names of the books and their prices are displayed in brackets:1) School Quiz Book (Rs 195), 2) Quiz Time mathematics (Rs 135), 3) Science Quiz Book (Rs 195), 4) Environment Quiz Book (Rs 150), 5) Global Quiz Bank (Rs 295) #v&spublishers