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Improve Your Memory Power

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In this competitive world of today, one cannot achieve success only by putting in hard work. One has to imbibe and practise various techniques along with hard work to fulfil one�s desires or reach the targetted goals.
The book precisely deals with the different techniques, one has to inculcate in order to improve and enhance one�s memory power. This is because hard work combined with a sharp memory is an ideal combination and can create wonders!
The book has been divided into 30 chapters which denote 30 days in which each chapter symbolises a day, and the author aims to improve and sharpen the memory of all its readers in just 30 days! Basically, each chapter contains all the necessary steps and methods, one must practise in one�s daily life to increase and strengthen the faculties of one�s brain.
Some of the salient features of the book are:
� How to improve one�s imaginative powers?
� How to improve the concentration of mind?
� How to remember and successfully perform all our daily activities?
� How to prepare notes and excel in exams?
� How to remember dates, birthdays, anniversaries, historical dates, incidents, etc.?
� How to remember telephone numbers, names of persons, places, terms and terminologies?
All the above and much more... Hence readers, it is definitely a must read for all of you, particularly the students and young professionals who are striving hard for a bright future ahead!