English Workbook Class 10 by Chitra Lele

English Workbook Class 10 by Chitra Lele

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The Last Minute Revision just before the exam, unlike other run-of-the-mill published workbooks that are just about stereotypes replication the Long Answer, Short Answer, Multiple Choice Questions etc. from a chosen chapter and cleverly selling as guide books, this workbook covers the same chapters but in a holistically yet concise manner.
Written by experts as per latest NCERT curriculum.
Key concepts in the point-wise format for ease of revision.
MCQs provided to enhance your practice level.
Useful to score high in Unit Test, School Exams, and Semester Papers.
Readily available workbook for quick revision prior to examination.
Helps to score high grades for the students who tick 80-90% correct answers.
All the Best!