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Electronic Devices and Circuits for PTU by J.B. Gupta

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Title Electronic Devices and Circuits for PTU by J.B. Gupta- Rent or Buy New Book on
Author J.B. Gupta

Table of Contents:

Unit-I: Diode Circuits

  • Basic Semiconductor and P-N Junction Theory
  • P-N Junction Diodes
  • Special Purpose Diodes
  • Diode Application-DC Power Supplies

Unit-II: Bipolar Junction Transistors

  • Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)
  • Hybrid Parameters

Unit-III: Field Effect Transistors

  • Field Effect Transistors

Unit-IV: Transistors Biasing and Stabilization

  • Transistor Biasing and Stabilization

Unit-V: Small Signal Low-Frequency Transistors

  • Small Signal Low-Frequency Transistor Amplifiers
  • Amplifier Frequency Response
  • Appendix
  • Model Test Papers
  • Examination Papers (Solved)
  • Index