Daily Breakfast Recipes

Daily Breakfast Recipes

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ISBN: 9789350578261
Publisher: V&S Publishers
Breakfast is considered as most important from health, nutrition and sustenance point of view. The book attempts to cater to the metropolitan as well as the small town housewives. These women face day to day problems about what to serve for breakfast, or how to serve it, so that the family gets proper nourishment, and also to provide a tasteful angle to their likings.
The author Asha Rani Vohra explains right at the start of the book all about the intricate concept of Art of Cooking - Culinary Art, The Ideal Kitchen, Cleanliness, Cooking the Right Way, Art of Serving and Decoration, Tools and Tips etc. This is followed by mouth-watering recipes for breakfast � Beverages - Making Tea, Making Coffee; Eatables� Vegetarian Dishes - Apple Snack, Banana Dish, Cottage Cheese Salad, Sprouted Beans, Porridge, Vegetable Cutlets, Potato Bonda, Salty Vermicelli, Stuffed Toasts, Potato-Bread Rolls, Vegetarian Omelette; Non-Vegetarian Dishes - Boiled Egg, Omelette, Stuffed Eggs, French Toast: Preserved Food, Pickles & Chutneys - Mixed Vegetable Pickle, Sweet-Sour Chutney, Tomato Sauce, Tomato Chutney, Chocolate Sauce, Lemon Sauce, Mayonnaise, Booster Sauce, White Sauce: Jam, Jelly and Murabba - Mango Jam, Apple Jam, Amla Murabba, Carrot Murabba, Strawberry Jelly. I t contains recipes with their ingredients and methods of preparation, special tip-offs and all the exclusive characteristics as mentioned above.