Cooking lunch & dinner

Cooking lunch & dinner

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ISBN: 9789350578209
Publisher: V&S Publishers
Tired with the whole day of work? Did you have enough of those takeaway foods? Running out of time while preparing a meal as you've to leave early for work? Want an easy fix for your craving to eat Indian or continental food? Or simply having a party and want to surprise your guests with something different? You are holding the right help book.
In this book, you'll learn famous Indian mouth watering recipes for; Lunch/Dinner � Vegetarian Soups, Non-Vegetarian Soups, Starters & Tandoori, Special Dishes, Non-Vegetarian Curries, Main Course Indian Breads & Rice Dishes, Curd Dishes, Salads, and Desserts; each head having a number of dishes.
This book does not have a spate of recipes of vegetables, pickles, chutneys, murabbas, sweets, etc., as found in other books. An attempt has been made to cater to the metropolitan as well as the small town housewives. Problems arise when parties and meals have to be organised. How to present the dishes - artistically and tastefully- is an important factor that has been well explained. Guests should feel happy and the pleasure of eating should appear on their faces. The author Asha Rani Vohra has made effort to explain fully the recipes with their ingredients and methods of preparation, special tip-offs and all the exclusive characteristics as mentioned above.