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Computer Ko Jaane

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Kampyuutar ko jaanein pustak vishesh taur par vaise paathak varg ko dhyaan mein rakhakar likhee gaee hai, jo Kampyuutar ko Praarambhik taur par jaanana chaahate hain. Is pustak mein parsanal Kampyuutar kya hai? Kampyuutar Ke prakaar, kampyuutar ke chayan hetu kaee tips diye gaye hain.
Pustak mein shaamil paathya saamagree ko samajhne ke liye step-baee-step nirdesh evan praasangik skreenashaats bhee diye gaye hain. Is shrinkhala kee pratyek pustak angrejee va hindee donon bhaashaon mein upalabdh hain.
(Life moves at a frenetic, fast-forward pace, and that makes patience even harder to practice. Yet, the ability to tolerate delay without getting upset is a must-have quality that contributes to our greater sense of well-being and success in life. ) #v&spublishers