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Computer Basics

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Computer Basics will introduce the basics of computer to those who know but not very much about computers. This book is for beginners and intermediate users and will be useful for those who are starting to put into practice what Software is, what hardware is; and how to work with them. It helps to understand important terminology related to computer along with application in practical world. The language used is simple and easy to get into the mind.
Major Contents:
1. Types of computers, history, parts, working
2. Hardware and Software
3. Desktop Computer and Key PC Components
4. Buying the right type of Computer � Desktop, Notebook, Tablet PC, Net book
5. Customising - Input/output Devices- Keyboard, Mouse, Touch screen
6. Getting around Windows 7, GUI,& Operating System � Checking out Windows accessories & Games
7. Personalising Windows and Start Menu and adding Gadgets to Desktop, Taskbar
8. Creating & Managing User Accounts, Disk, Folders & Files
9. Loading, Unloading CDs, DVDs, Using External USB, Flash Drive and Games and Applications
10. Running/Installing/Uninstalling Programs and Additional Hardware Devices
11. Networking and Basics of Internet
14. Installing a Printer
15. Securing your network and Disk Operating System (DOS)
This book would be found very helpful for competitive examinations also.