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Comprehensive Memory Development Course (With DVD)

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Memory is a fundamental capacity that plays a pivotal role in social, emotional and cognitive functioning. Our memories form the basis for our sense of self, guide our thoughts and decisions, influence our emotional reactions, and allow us to learn. So the ability to form memories and remember them is a vital part of human experience.
Most of us are unaware of the fact that no one is born with a poor memory. It just requires a little sharpening to improve efficiency. Memory is much like a muscle � the more it is used, the sharper it gets, and the more it is neglected, the worse it gets.
Learn how Human Memory System works and how to improve your memory power from Guinness World Record Holder & Qualified International Memory Trainer � Dr. BK Chandra Shekhar, who designed the syllabus (First & Unique in the world) on "Memory Development and Psycho Neurobics" for Government University and Management Training Institutes in India and abroad, with Comprehensive Memory Development Course. This book will help you develop to splendid memory strategies, to organise information efficiently, and to practice the skills necessary for effective learning and recalling of information.
Key Features:
Right Concept of Human Memory System explained
First time in the world, the function of head top computer is explained scientifically
How to increase Concentration � Practical steps explained
How to memorise Numerical Figures, Periodic Tables, Biological terms, Historical dates, Words, Spellings, Name and Faces, Maps and Diagrams, long questions answers of CA, CS and MBA students are explained scientifically with relevant and practical examples.