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Children's Encyclopedia - Life Science And Human Body by MANASVI VOHRA

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In the book, Life Sciences and Human Body, the author has explained in detail all the different forms of life which exist on the Earth in a very simple and comprehensive manner with colourful and attractive pictures. This has been aimed to attract the readers, particularly the school children and help them understand and grasp the chapters quickly enhancing their knowledge about the various living organisms � both of the animal and plant kingdom that inhabit our Mother Earth.
The book is broadly divided into two parts: Part-I dealing with the Classification, Anatomy, Habitat, Behaviour, Food Habits, etc of Plants and Animals, followed by some interesting and fascinating Quick Facts about all these living organisms�making it all the more worth reading. The second part (Part � II) includes all about the Human Body, its Morphology, Anatomy and Functions of each part or organ with clear and colourful labelled diagrams for the students, particularly the school going ones. The chapters are followed by Exercises and a Glossary of difficult words and scientific terms compiled at the end of the book.
Though our aim is to be flawless, but errors might have crept in inadvertently. So we request our esteemed readers to read the book thoroughly and offer valuable suggestions wherever necessary to improve and enhance the quality of the book. Hope it interests you all and serves its purpose well. #v&spublishers