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Boost your brain power

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To begin with the improvement of your memory power, it is important to know the power of your mind and what all it can do for you when improved. This book Boost Your Memory Power will show you the ways to develop it further. Your mind is like a rubber band, the more you use it, more capable it becomes to store greater amounts of information. Allowing it to remain idle will progressively weaken the analytical power of the brain. Scientists say that not more than 10 percent of the mind is used by the most brilliant people. That leaves a huge scope for improvement and this book precisely deals with this aspect.
Each of the 20 chapters of the book shows different but necessary steps and methods you must practice every day to increase and strengthen the faculties of your brain. Some of the salient features of the book are:
How to improve your imaginative power?
How to improve the concentration of mind?
How to prepare notes and excel in exams?
How to prepare notes and excel in exams?
How to remember special dates, birthdays, anniversaries, historical data etc?
How to remember scientific terms & terminologies and other useful information?
It is an ideal book for every one desirous of sharpening his brain power and others striving to attain a bright future.