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Bhautik Evam Rasyan Vigyan

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Sabhee baccee svabhaav see hee jijnaasu pravutti kee hootee hain vee sadaiv apanee aas-paas kee vastuoon kee baaree meen jaananee kee liee utsuk rahatee hain. Saamaanyatah unakee paathy pustakoon meen vishay see vishay sambandhit prasangoon ka ulleekh too milata hai, phir bhee unakee jijnaasaoon koo shaant karanee kee liee yee pustakeen kaaphee naheen hootee hain.
Prastut pustak ka leekhan baccoon kee bhautik eevan rasaayan vijnaan see sambandhit jijnaasaoon koo shaant kar unakee jnaan meen vr (i karanee kee uddeeshy see kiya gaya hai.(Children are a curious lot. They want to know what is happening in their surroundings and beyond their universe. Though the explanation is given in their textbooks are adequate for their age, they are eager to expand their horizon. The book contains elementary topics from physics and chemistry, such as sound, development of chemistry, energy, etc. ) #v&spublishers