A To Z of Internet

A To Z of Internet

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One of the most common uses people have for the Internet is the World Wide Web. Whenever you say you are �on the Internet� you are using the World Wide Web. When you are surfing the Internet through different pages you are moving through the World Wide Web. However, that is not the only use for the Internet. E-mail is another very popular use for the Internet. Remote access is another very common use for the Internet. The Internet allows computer users to connect to other computers and information stores easily, wherever they may be across the world. File sharing is also popular. It allows people to send files through e-mail, FTP, peer-to-peer networks, etc.
The author Bittu Kumar helps you understand the system through Networking & Basics of Internet, Understand how Internet works, How different kinds of connections are established, Navigation, Gmail, Search engines, Sending & receiving Emails, You Tube, Twitter, Real-time communications, Making money online, Blogs & web page and Internet safety.