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A Comprehensive Book On English Grammar Eng.-Hindi by Dr.B.B.Jain

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Title A Comprehensive Book On English Grammer Eng.-Hindi by Dr.B.B.Jain- Rent or Buy New Book on
Author Dr.B.B.Jain
Table Of Contents Some Basic Concepts Syntax Articles Nouns Pronouns Adjectives Adverbs Prepositions Conjunctions Verbs Non-Finite Verbs Time and Tense Active and Passive Voice Direct and Indirect Narration Analysis Synthesis Transformation Formation of Words Antonyms Synonyms Homonyms Paronyms Same World Used as Diferent Parts of Speech One-Word Substitution Idioms Idiomatic Phrases Distinction between Similar Expressions Proverbs Expansion: Paragraph-Writing Spellings Punctuation and Capitals Figures of Speech Foreign Words and Phrases The Courtesy Words Greetings and Saluations Dates and Time Comprehension Precis-Writing Paraphrasing Repost-Writing Messages Notices Diary-Writing Telegram Letter-Writing