Second hand books online and Renting Books: Best resources

Books are the second biggest expense in college life  Today even in school books beyond NCERT are required and they become sizeable expenditure in student life. If these costs are minimized significant amount of money can be saved and hence students are looking for ways to save money on books. Though e-commerce companies like amazon, flipkart have improved the costs in comparison to bookstores near to students but it still is not enough. Best possible ways for low prices and saving costs on books can be one of the following:

  1. Books on Rent
  2. Second hand Books Online
  3. Sell Books

Renting books is one of the best options as books can be taken for the period that they are needed and it saves money. Most books are needed for small periods of time some for few days others for few months or semester. Students think they can reuse the book at the time of GATE etc but little do they realize that not only they spent extra money buying the books most of the time book spent was on shelf with not much use and edition changed after few years. A very good resource to rent books online is Pustakkosh: which has felxible rental periods from 1-4 days to 1 year. They claim to  save 60-75% of book cost and provide a guarantee of content with books new, like new. If you really would like to own the books second hand books are a good choice. Traditionally this business has been driven by second hand bookstores near you. But with online ecommerce gaining traction second hand books online resources are becoming best places to buy used books. They are available with options like cash on delivery. Some online portals have second hand bookstores at conveniently located places. has collection of used books, flipkart might start doing second hand books sales shortly. Pustakkosh Leading Rental and Second hand Book sales company is one of the leading used book sales company with a huge collection. Primary source is pre-rented books hence the quality of books is better than most places. They have fulfilment pickup and delivery centers in Cities like Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi and other locations which can be checked via customer care. Traditional bookstores in India are available in Daryanganj, Nai Sarak in Delhi, City Book Center Mumbai Mumbai Best Second Hand Stores, College Street Calcutta, Avenue Road Bangalore. Some great deals are provided below click the books:

fluid mechanics bansal

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines by R K Bansal


Surveying Volume 1 B C Punamia

Database Navathe

Fundamentals of Database Systems NavatheRs3

Theory of Computer Science by KLP Misra


Modern’s abc Chemistry Class XII

                      Hope this article helps you save costs on books and provides more resources to study books. Please comment on the article to so that we can add more information.  

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