Top 4 economics school books with rental and second hand book deals

4 best economics books for commerce and humanities students of standard 12th, cbse board! Best part books are available  second hand and on rent on Noida or other centers near you. Save money with those options.

As we all know economics is a really important subject for all humanities, commerce and even science students who have opted for economics. Here is the list of some books other than the NCERT books provided by the school, referring to which you can excel in your exams by not just passing in them but passing with flying colors!

  1. Micro economics by Sandeep Garg
Best Microeconomic book by Sandeep Garg

Micro Economics by Sandeep Garg

This is the best book for the micro part of the economics syllabus. It will help you score really well as it has got every single concept covered that the cbse board follows and lot of previous year questions and sums solved with new ones for you to practice.

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2. Macroeconomics by Sandeep garg

Macro Economics by Sandeep Garg

Macro Economics

Macro economics by Sandeep Garg is one of the best books for the macro part of the economics syllabus. It’s a really good for preparations as its covers all types of numericals and comes with both solved and unsolved questions with HOTS(high order thinking skills) questions. Its written in easy language to understand!

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3.Introductory Micro and Macro economics by TR Jain

Introductory Microeconomics by T R Jain

Introductory Microeconomics by T R Jain

It has both the parts of the syllabus covered for you and has all chapters covered with a to do list that gives you a central idea of the chapter and its important parts. Each chapter is splashed with HOTS and has all value based and information and concept based questions. With CBSE slved questions and NCERT questions with hints to the answers!

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4. Introductory macro economics by CB Sachdeva

Introductory Microeconomics by C B Sachdeva

Introductory Microeconomics by C B Sachdeva

This book will help you score to your fullest as it covers all the concepts and all the relative matter (with power booster) and especially all the sums of national income. It has all types of numericals which have been explained in a simple manner to understand. It also comes with summary of the chapters at the end for the purpose of revision.

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Go for any one of these books according to your preference and you wouldn’t regret. You can score well just by studying from the books your own self. Solve all the unsolved previous year question papers with the help of your teachers and friends and you will do wonders.

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