Best Engineering Math Book BS Grewal – Review and Deals on Rent and Second hand book

As far as engineering is concerned, mathematics evolves as an important subject. One of the best mathematics books is higher engineering mathematics by BS Grewal. In this article we would provide reasons why it is a top book. Articles highlights  deals to   buy second hand engineering maths or rent the book,  which should save a lot of money.

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  • Ratings by good reads and amazon

It has been rated as 4.04/5 by good reads whereas amazon has given it 4 stars out of 5.

According to the reviews found on good reads and amazon, the book is found to have contained a number of quality problems that are very efficient and help in understanding the subject in depth. However, it is not too explanatory as far as theory is concerned, but it explains mathematics in a way one can comprehend.

  • Best book for GATE mathematics preparation

The book is essentially great in the way it provides numerous examples for the understanding of the reader and covers most of the topics of mathematics that are concerned with GATE examination. It meets complete requirements of engineering and computer science students. The problems and examples provided in the book have been selected from recent papers of various universities and other engineering examinations.

  • Various online deals for buying the book

The link provides with the various deals available online so as to purchase the hard copy of the book.

Higher Engineering Math Grewal on Amazon

Higher Engineering Math Grewal 44 edition on Amazon

However on you can rent or buy higher engineering mathematics by BS Grewal and save up to 40%. Similar books of the interest can be found on the site at a very affordable price. Here are the links to reach to BS Grewal on


Higher Engineering Math B S Grewal Deal on Pustakkosh

Higher Engineering Math B S Grewal Rent or buy Second hand

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