Best C++ Programming Books for Interviews

In this post I would like to highlight the best resources and books for C++ programming. You would find many such posts and plethora of information on internet but this is an attempt to outline the books used for industry interviews. The information is based on experience of professionals who have spent considerable time in software industry in leading MNCs. Here is a comprehensive list links of each book can be clicked for details:

The two books above highlight the best practices that can be used in C++ programming. Many pitfalls and best practices are highlighted.

Marshall P Cline highlights the kind of questions asked in interviews and take practical questions and provides solution. Interesting scenarios are mentioned and if you are giving an interview involving C++ chances a few similar questions might get asked.

Bjarne Stroustrup is the creator of C++. The book is a little complex for beginners and is best used when you have basic familiarity.

Robert Lafore has written an intermediate level book and many programmers prefer this book after getting a basic C++ knowledge.

Good book with great description. Many MTech level courses uses this as reference book for C++.

Very good book at college level or if you are starting out on C++ and would like to pickup the basics right. Helps in interviews too.

Great book if you want to study how data structures can be implemented in using C++. Since most software interviews would center around both these aspects the book provides a great blend.

Hope the choice helps. In any case do provide your inputs and comments, they would be incorporated based on merit.


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