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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pustakkosh?

Pustakkosh is the leading online bookstore providing second hand books and rental books. It disrupts the primarily ownership/buying based misaligned textbook market with innovative tailor made text book rentals. Most books in colleges/higher education are needed for small varying periods. This is a big waste of resources money and paper. It shields students from increased book costs which escalate 3-4X every three years by providing economical used book buying and rental options. Pustakkosh solves these issues and provides rentals ranging from four days to a semester. It is THE MOST ECONOMICAL choice with the advantages of e-commerce.

Can a student buy books online from Pustakkosh.?

Yes provides options to Buy new and used books at best prices online and in comparison to other bookstores
a.) In addition to new books a huge inventory of second hand books is available which saves a lot of cost.

How do students save money on books using Pustakkosh?

a.) Students save up to 60 to 75% of the original cost of books via renting or buying used second hand books.
b.) Students can order the books from the convenience of their home through internet, facebook, mobile or walking-in the delivery hubs.
c.) The book is delivered at the doorstep with cash on delivery option.
d.) Pustakkosh services promote reuse, help copyright as even photocopying is costlier.
e.) Book reuse saves papers and hence helps save trees and environment.
f.) Pustakkosh promotes good quality content and there is not need to opt for cheap local guides for saving cost.

What is the procedure to get a book from Pustakkosh?

Ordering is very easy. Following are the steps to get a book from Pustakkosh
a.) Search books online, or Browse categories and select the books @ or
b.) Walk into book store near you. Pustakkosh omni channel retail including bookstores or book trucks is available in Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi and other locations in NCR at a place near you. c.) Order by phone: Call 0120-2433388, 9136437970, 9911372785
d.) Order on facebook
e.) Once the order is placed Pustakkosh will confirm your request. Subsequently books can be delivered at doorstep or they can be picked up from Pustakkosh delivery pickup hubs conveniently located at
Ground Floor, Botanical Garden Metro Station in Noida,
Near Raja Dhabha, Jagat Farm in Greater Noida,
Near BBDIT Meerut Road Ghaziabad and
Lingaya's University Faridabad

f.) Cash on Delivery is available in Delhi and National Capital Region
g.) On completion of the plan Pick-up can be requested at doorsteps or you can take back the security at delivery and pickup hubs mentioned above

Can a student sell books online to Pustakkosh.?

Yes you can make a lot of money by selling used books to
a.) Go to Input details.
b.) Pustakkosh team would evaluate and you can get a good price for them. Students just place a selling request have to make a call or request online collects the second hand books from their door step

What are the minimum and maximum duration to rent a book from Pustakkosh?

Students can rent the book from four days to six months from Pustakkosh according to usage need and the rental charges vary accordingly.

What are other services of pustakkosh?

Following are other services provided by pustakkosh
a.) One can buy books from pustakkosh and avail direct discounts on books.
b.) Students can also sell their used books to Pustakkosh and get a good price for them in return. Students just place a selling request have to make a call or request online collects the second hand books from their door step

What happens if books are not returned within the specified rental duration?

There is a nominal fees that is levied. If however the book is not returned within 30 days after semester is over the books would be deemed to have been kept by the student and no security amount will be returned. Pustakkosh will only buy it back as at prevalent used book rates.

What happens if student decides to keep the book or the book is lost?

Please call and confirm that the book will not be returned. In that case security amount will be forfeited.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery and pickup charges from Pustakkosh are absolutely free in Noida/Greater Noida. For other areas there are nominal delivery charges if Pustakkosh delivers the book at doorsteps. As mentioned above Pustakkosh also has conveniently located hubs in different areas in dense student pockets which can be used for pickup and delivery and immediate return of security money or for selling books.

What is the procedure to order online at pustakkosh?

Online ordering is much easier and convenient. Details can be found here: How It Works

Can you give an example of rental plans?

Consider a book which has a cost of 600 rupees. If you rent it from Pustakkosh , then following are the money saving options .

Book Price Rent-1-4 day Rent-1 week Rent-1 month Rent-3 month Rent-5 month
600 136 173 209 245 255
You Save 464 427 391 355 345

Therefore a student saves considerable money when more then 5 books are rented. No other way to study books is cheaper and can match Pustakkosh prices.

What has been the success of Pustakkosh ?

Pustakkosh has disrupted the book buying patterns in North India. The rental services have helped over 70000 students so far save millions of rupees in rent. As an example according to our estimates in just the previous semester Amitians saved over 20 Lac Rupees in total on books. Pustakkosh is the leading resource of books (not just rentals) in many institutes in Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Gurgaon. With great traction received Pustakkosh is expanding its base and logistics network to many new cities.

What is the contact info of pustakkosh?

Mobile no. 9136437970, 9911372785
Facebook- Facebook Page