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About Us

Pustakkosh is the only company which provides rental and buying of new and used books online as well as provides for digital e-books, notes and buys books, notes/content from users. Pustakkosh is a holistic one place solution for books and we save students upto 70% of the cost. Compared to leading etailers book costs at Pustakkosh are lowest and many different options provide the best deals to students.

Who We Sell To

Pustakkosh's focus is on students doing higher studies like graduate and undergraduate courses. Presently, we have a huge active registered customer base from students pursuing courses like Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, Business Administration, Biotechnology and Pharma as well as from software and other industry professionals.

Our presence is strongly found in many institutions providing higher study courses in India. Pustakkosh is a very viable option for those looking to save money on books as savings on book costs are significant with rentals. Pustakkosh is also preferred by those students who like to use technology and prefer shopping from their doorsteps.