Survival Guide, NSIT

-Daksh Minocha, NSIT

One of the top notch engineering college in India, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) is certainly many students’ dream. And it certainly feels great to get into it after that literally tormenting period of two years, and we can proudly say that all our hard work has finally paid off. Once you step into it, you realise that the inside thing is totally different from that seen from the other end. So here’s a survival guide for all those who are willing to join NSIT and even for those who aren’t.


Campus life is great at NSIT from its lush green campus to eating spots to co-curricular activities everything’s exciting here. Not to forget, our annual cultural fest ‘Moksha’ is one of the biggest in the country.



Well, there are four food hubs on campus, all of them being great and having their own special savouries to offer. Starting from the main canteen ‘Zayca’, the Indian food is simply awesome here, and the Chinese from ‘Just Cafeteria’ is famous both amongst students and faculty members, spring rolls from ‘Mini Zayca’ and McCain’s cold coffee will surely be a delight to your taste buds. Apart from these, a lot of food corners are also there around the campus.

Now coming to the co-curricular activities, for all those who are thinking that engineering’s gonna suck out all that’s left, that is not going to happen here. In fact its time to live your passion, whatever might be your field of interest, you’ll have the freedom to pursue it here. Sports facilities are great here and we also have a gym on campus that’s quite good. And as far as societies are concerned, all of them are pretty active. The dramatics society ‘Ashwamedha’ is surely one of the best in the country. There are some other societies as well for those interested in finance and economics. The photography society ‘Junoon’ is simply amazing and those who are part of it are some really good photographers.

Now coming to academics, cramming HOD’s notes, attending most of the practical labs, solving previous years’ will be quite handy to get the much needed 75%. As far as books are concerned choices include traditional second hand and new book stores at Tilak Nagar, or you can simply rent the books to save 60 to 75% cost @ (just the way I did last semester xD) whatsapp +91-9136437970 that will surely give you an escape from this hot humid weather, as they’ll gonna deliver it on your doorstep. Add to that the cost savings Pustakkosh Textbbook Rentals  bring as the book usage is limited from a few days to a semester. 


P.S. Don’t worry!! Campus life at NSIT will surely be fun with excellent study environment!