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Pustakkosh is not just a medium to rent books or buy new and used,second hand books at lowest prices online but we aspire to provide resources which help the book enthusiasts in their passion to study. This post covers a great self publishing option Zorba books which can be leveraged for those looking out for a medium of expression. If you need any more information please feel comment or email us.

Writing poems, stories or more? Are you keeping them buried in that diary of yours? Do you worry about who will publish your work? If you believe even 1% in your work, the rest 99% we've got covered for you! How, you ask? The answer lies in self-publishing with Zorba Books.

Self-publishing is an empowering concept. It puts you, the author in the driving seat and empowers you to convert your manuscript into a published book. Self-publishing is a publishing revolution, in which the driver has changed. Instead of the publisher, it's now the author in the driving seat. Zorba Books is a professional self-publishing company, in existence for the past 6 years. It has been recognized by all India's major media – India Today, Economic Times, TOI, HT and more. When you publish with Zorba books, you will experience a headache free, open and honest publishing of the best standard. A quick, responsive and professional publishing that is economically priced for you. You will also join Zorba's list of some of India’s most respected and well-read authors.

You can publish books in the following category with us:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Management
  • Technical
  • Self-help
  • Educational
  • Reference
  • You name it we've got it all covered!

We also have expertise in publishing Coffee-Table books, novellas, academic books, product and training manuals as well! At Zorba Books we understand authors and that is why we have crafted different plans keeping in mind your budget, wants and needs.

Here is a taste of Zorba Books testimonials from some of our well-read authors.  

The whole experience of publishing with you has been entirely to my satisfaction from start to finish.

-Brijraj Singh – Lincoln College, Oxford, a Rhodes Scholar Yale University, on a Fulbright fellowship

Dr Nirupama Prakash Director, Amity Institute of Social Sciences

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Rent Sports Goods. Lowest Prices Savings Upto 80-90%.

In student life sports is an integral part of routine. In present day scenario things have changed and cricket or football being the only two options available to students is no longer true. If we look at facilities provided in good universities they include a variety of sports option. Talking about modern universities for example Amity University, Galgotia University, IITs, BITs, SNU, Bennet University to name a few students have Tennis Courts, Wooden Badminton Courts, Squash Arena, Table Tennis, Excellent Swimming Pools, World Class Gym besides the usual hockey, football and cricket fields. You dont have to be an expert to try the option beginners, hobby enthusiast can try different games when there is a need.

Sports Facilities


But to state the obvious students do need to gear and sports equipment to try this out. As you become a intermediate level player from a beginner you need even better sports gear suited to your level. Items like Wilson Tennis Racket or a Squash Racket or a Yonex Badminton Racket dont come cheap. Another issue as a person improves the model used needs to change again inviting investments. If we are to talk about a Wilson Racket it usually would be in the range of 4000 to 5000 and a squash racket would usually be around 3500 for even beginner models. 


At best the need of the sports gear like the following is temporary and for small periods and many different brands and standards are required:

  • Tennis Racket, Badminton Racket, Squash Racket, Table Tennis Racket
  • Gym Equipment
  • Cricket Kit
  • Golf Kit
  • Hockey Kit
  • Cycling Kit
  • Skating Kit and different types of skates

What option do you have? Buy them at high costs and then let them remain in store because there is hardly a resale value. We at Pustakkosh ( realize this issue and come up with a unique solution of creating a Rental and Used Marketplace for Sports Items. You can now rent and buy used and new sports equipment like:

Badminton Racket:

Tennis Racket:

Squash Racket:

Rentals are extremely viable starting from numbers like 100 Rs per day and there are different rental periods one week, two week to one month. Check out for details of renting sports equipment, musical equipment, computer furniture and of course books which students already know where Pustakkosh is a market leader.



Whats more you can sell your tennis/badminton/squash rackets, cricket and golf kits etc by listing on This way you can make money on existing items. Putakkosh Rental and Used marketplace provides you an account on to list. Want to know how? Check this link out.

Pustakkosh Rental Marketplace team would evaluate the request and may ask you to bring the equipment for evaluation at a nearest pick up and delivery center if the need be. Once everything is set and verified you can register as a marketplace vendor here:

So what are you waiting for??


Top 10 Books Rented or Bought Secondhand by Computer Science Students

The top 10 used and rental books used by students studying Computer Science:

#1. Computer System Architecture, Written by "M. Morris Mano".

Reference -!/Computer-System-architecture/p/26523041


#2. Object-oriented Programming With C++, Written by - "Balagurushwami".

Reference -!/Object-Oriented-Programming-With-C++/p/37139335


#3.Software Engineering, Written by - "K K Aggarwal Yogesh Singh".

Reference -!/SOFTWARE-ENGINEERING/p/37139372


#4. Let Us C, Written by - "Yashavant Kanetkar".

Reference -!/Let-Us-C/p/37139139


#5. Best Book on Algorithms which students prefer for renting or buying used second hand or new. 

Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein



#6. SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT, Written by - "Bob Hughes, Mike Cotterell & Rajib Mall".

Reference -!/Software-Project-Management/p/37139428


#7. Fundamentals of Database Systems: Models, Languages, Design and Application Programming, Written by - "Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant B.Navathe".

Reference -!/Fundamentals-of-Database-Systems-Models-Languages-Design-and-Application-Programming/p/36923513


#8. Software Testing (English) 3rd Edition, Written by - "Rajiv Chopra".

Reference -!/Software-Testing/p/36979265


#9. PROGRAMMING IN ANSI C, Written by - "E.Balagurusamy".

Reference -!/Programming-in-ANSI-C/p/26523812


#10. PROGRAMMING WITH JAVA 4E, Written by - "E.Balagurusamy".

Reference -!/PROGRAMMING-WITH-JAVA-4E/p/36960070


Thanks for Your Attention!

Engineering Mathematics books in top engineering colleges - A Review

Engineering mathematics or technomaths forms an important scoring subject specially in initial years of engineering.


Top engineering colleges like Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), RECs like HBTI, MNREC, MREC etc, Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Galgotia College of Engineering, JSSATE, Birla Institute of Technology, UPTU/AKTU, SRM and most of the others have engineering mathematics in their curriculum for first and second year courses. The topics (skipping sub topics) covered include the following: 

  • Linear Algebra
  • Theory of Complex variables
  • Transform Calculus
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Differential Calculus and Partial Differential Equations
  • Numerical Analysis

List of top purchased or rented books studied for engineering mathematics are: 


1.Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig 

Publisher: Wiley, Language: English,  ISBN-10: 8126554231, ISBN-13: 978-8126554232

One of the best books. The book is typically used in top institutions like IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, Birla Institute of Technology Pilani, Work Integrated Learning Program WILP etc. The book is highly rated internationally.


2.Higher Engineering Mathematics by B S Grewal

Publisher: Khanna Publishers, 43rd edition, Language: English ISBN-10: 8174091955, ISBN-13: 978-8174091956

The book provides a clear exposition of essential tools of applied mathematics. Used as text and reference books in colleges like Amity School of Engineering and Technology Noida, Abdul Kalam Technical University, Noida International University, Shiv Nadar University, Dayalbagh Educational Institute etc.


3.Higher Engineering Mathematics by B Ramana

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education, Language: English,  ISBN-10: 007063419X, ISBN-13: 978-0070634190

The book covers the syllabus of all the mathematics papers offered to the undergraduate students. Used in AKTU, JNTU, C V Raman Engineering College, Kanpur University, Sharda University, Amity University courses.


4.Advanced Engineering Mathematics by H K Dass

Publisher: S Chand; Reprint Edn. 2006 edition, Language: English, ISBN-10: 8121903459, ISBN-13: 978-8121903455

This book for B.Tech, B.E., B.Arch courses and is a advised textbook in AKTU, UPTU colleges like Galgotia, Skyline, Noida International University, GBU, Sharda University, JSSATE etc


5.Higher Engineering Mathematics by H K Dass, Rama Verma 

 Publisher: S Chand, ISBN-10: 8121938902, ISBN-13: 978-8121938907

Used in various BTech courses and competitive examinations. This is a advised reference book in AKTU, UPTU colleges like Galgotia, Skyline, Noida International University, GBU, Sharda University, JSSATE etc


6.A Textbook of Engineering Mathematics Volume I, II, III by N P Bali


Used in UPTU, AKTU and Uttarkhand University, Keral University, Orissa University. The specific books for different semester and colleges are available e.g. BPTU, AKTU, GBTU etc


This is the list of most purchased new or used or rented books from Other online platforms like,, list and rate these books highly. In general rentals and used books @ work out to be the cheapest though a comparison can be done across the portals.

Pustakkosh is a leading textbook rental startup and has pickup and delivery centers at Pustakkosh Botanical Garden Metro Station Noida, Amity University Manesar, near BBDIT Murad Nagar Meerut Road Ghaziabad, Near Raja Dhabha Jagat Farm Greater Noida. Whatsapp helpline is 9136437970 and app can be found at the following link:

Engineering First Year Books: A List

A review by Daksh Minocha, NSIT

The first semester subjects are almost to those in class 12, and this semester is simple relative to the following semesters. A compiled list is as follows: 

Applied Physics by A.K. Jha 


2. Mathematics I: The standard book that whole NSIT follows ‘Engineering Mathematics’ by Jaggi and Mathur.


3. Chemistry: The textbook of chemistry referred is ‘Engineering Chemistry’ by Jain & Jain.


4. Humanities: The only reference book for humanities is ‘Essays, Short Stories and One act Plays’ published by Oxford University press.


5. Manufacturing Process: The subject that most students dread, the subject that is considered the most difficult subject of the semester the reason being the endless theory in the subject. But the book on ‘Workshop Technology’ by S.K. Garg definitely eases the way through. It has got most of the theory that will be asked in the exams.


There are four practical subjects namely physics, chemistry, workshop practical and engineering drawing, the first three would be handled by the above mentioned books only. For ED, ‘Engineering Drawing’ by N.D. Bhatt would be sufficient.

Now coming on to the reference books that you’ll be requiring for the second semester, so starting from the theory subjects:

1. Principles of Electrical Engineering: For this subject ‘ Electrical Technology Vol 1 ‘ by B.L. Theraja is considered as the most suitable book, covers all the topics from syllabus and has a lot of solved examples.


2. Applied Mechanics: This is considered as the most difficult subject in this semester, but the going gets a bit easy if we study the following books –
a) ‘Strength of Materials’ by U.C. Jindal


b) ‘Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics’ by A.K. Tayal.


3. Mathematics II: There’s only one book that whole NSIT refers to ‘Advanced Engineering Mathematics Vol 2’ by Jaggi and Mathur. The same book will be used in third semester as well.


4. Introduction to Programming: The C programming language, well its not as easy as everyone thinks, it really takes some hard work to score good in this subject.

The referred book is ‘Let Us C’ by Yashavant Kantekar.


5. Physics of Materials/ Physics II : This is the only subject with somewhat lesser numerical problems, the subject has mostly theory part. The book used by most of the fellas is ‘Solid State Physics’ by S.O.Pillai and ‘Modern Physics’ by Arthur Beiser



The four practical subjects are same as the theory ones with Maths being left out. So the practical part will be0 covered in these books only.

P.S. The above mentioned books would be quite helpful in doing well if not excelling in your academics.

NSIT Survival Guide

Survival Guide, NSIT

-Daksh Minocha, NSIT

One of the top notch engineering college in India, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) is certainly many students’ dream. And it certainly feels great to get into it after that literally tormenting period of two years, and we can proudly say that all our hard work has finally paid off. Once you step into it, you realise that the inside thing is totally different from that seen from the other end. So here’s a survival guide for all those who are willing to join NSIT and even for those who aren’t.


Campus life is great at NSIT from its lush green campus to eating spots to co-curricular activities everything’s exciting here. Not to forget, our annual cultural fest ‘Moksha’ is one of the biggest in the country.



Well, there are four food hubs on campus, all of them being great and having their own special savouries to offer. Starting from the main canteen ‘Zayca’, the Indian food is simply awesome here, and the Chinese from ‘Just Cafeteria’ is famous both amongst students and faculty members, spring rolls from ‘Mini Zayca’ and McCain’s cold coffee will surely be a delight to your taste buds. Apart from these, a lot of food corners are also there around the campus.

Now coming to the co-curricular activities, for all those who are thinking that engineering’s gonna suck out all that’s left, that is not going to happen here. In fact its time to live your passion, whatever might be your field of interest, you’ll have the freedom to pursue it here. Sports facilities are great here and we also have a gym on campus that’s quite good. And as far as societies are concerned, all of them are pretty active. The dramatics society ‘Ashwamedha’ is surely one of the best in the country. There are some other societies as well for those interested in finance and economics. The photography society ‘Junoon’ is simply amazing and those who are part of it are some really good photographers.

Now coming to academics, cramming HOD’s notes, attending most of the practical labs, solving previous years’ will be quite handy to get the much needed 75%. As far as books are concerned choices include traditional second hand and new book stores at Tilak Nagar, or you can simply rent the books to save 60 to 75% cost @ (just the way I did last semester xD) whatsapp +91-9136437970 that will surely give you an escape from this hot humid weather, as they’ll gonna deliver it on your doorstep. Add to that the cost savings Pustakkosh Textbbook Rentals  bring as the book usage is limited from a few days to a semester. 


P.S. Don’t worry!! Campus life at NSIT will surely be fun with excellent study environment! 

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